About Conference

The purpose of this scientific conference is to study research issues and gaps in the area of ḥalāl food and medicine, cosmetic and hygienic products and clothing in three main fields of Sharī‘a, research and technology, as well as economics. Ḥalāl title is a religious keyword that identifies the extent and scope of the acts and behaviors of the believers. Although it is a devotional act according to the teachings of the religion and its lawful and unlawful, but is due to its expediency or corruptibleness; therefore, it is intertwined with real and material affairs. Maybe that is why, in today's world, it is common to use ḥalāl things in various fields like food, medicine, cosmetic and hygienic products, clothing, tourism, transportation services, entertainment, media, banking and financial services and sports, and a significant number of its users are non-Muslims and non-religious people. The importance of using ḥalāl and its effects on the material and spiritual life of the believers and its jurisprudential and religious dimensions on the one hand and the necessity to take advantage of new studies and modern technology in the production and monitoring of ḥalāl products on the other hand, as well as the development of exports and imports of various products labeled ḥalāl in the area of international trade and economics, and also international significant turnover in this field led to an international conference entitled “Ḥalāl Products” in the event of “Mashhad, the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World” to be on the agenda according to the approval of the “Khorasan Razavi Food Health and Safety Committee”.