Holding the Scientific Pre meeting of the First International Halal Food Conference

A scientific pre meeting will be held in line with the first international Halal food conference focusing on “Sharia and Halal products” with the participation of Razavi Islamic University at the holy Shrine, Hedayat courtyard, Razavi Islamic University, No. 1 Building, Meeting Hall on July 27th, 2017.

The respectable scientific secretary of the conference will provide some explanations about the conference and its main topics in the pre meeting. And the rest of the lecturers will provide some materials about “the characteristics and standards of Halal and tayeb foods in Razavi biography” and “lawfulness (being Halal) at risk in the security of modern foods”.

The lecturers of this pre meeting are Mr. Dr. Seyed Saeed Esmaeili Saber (Traditional Medicine Specialist) and Mr. Dr. Rasoul Khodkhodaei (Associate Professor, Institute of Food Science and Technology of Iran).