The Third Consulting Meeting of the International Halal Product Conference Was Held

Dr. Mahmoud Tabatabei-Person in Charge of the Representative Office of the Supreme Leader in Mashhad University of Medical Science :
Halal products area has been neglected

As the report of the news agency of the first consulting meeting of halal products, in the third scientific pre meeting in line with the first international Halal Food Conference that was held at Islamic Culture and Science Strategic Studies Foundation on sunday evening, Sayyed Mahmood Tabatabei stated: the purpose of coordinating these pre meetings in such foundation is that the importance of the subject of halal products must be expose to face to face discussion with whom are in charge in related research activities.
Tabatabei implied: Nowadays insects are used vastly in food industries and the colors taken from insects are used in our food.
He mentioned gelatine as a new phenomenon product and said: Gelatin one of the food problmes for us that 90 percent of that is produced in non Islamic countries and 46 percent of gelatin is taken from pigs.
Tabatabei expressed: Beside it is needed that the attendants must observe food products import, the researchers are expected to try to resolve the available inadequancy.